Yieldstreet is an online platform that offers investors access to alternative investments in commercial real estate. By democratizing the investment process, the company offers investors a transparent, secure, and easy way to invest in commercial real estate. Investors can access investments in commercial real estate including office buildings, industrial and retail properties, as well as other asset classes.

YieldStreet, the next generation of alternative investment marketplace for commercial real estate, is on its way to change the way investing in commercial real estate works. YieldStreet has already gained interest from over 20,000 investors, and has closed over $50 million in investments.

Yieldstreet is a platform that allows investors to add income streams to their portfolios. Yieldstreet offers a wide variety of income streams including investments in real estate, tech startups, and more.

Yieldstreet is an alternative investment platform focused on generating income streams for investors. Get exclusive access to private market investments. Yieldstreet is the leading private market alternative investment platform. We empower investors to grow their wealth outside of the stock market.

We've designed an effortless platform that provides all the information needed to make informed decisions and monitor your results.

Whether you're looking to generate income, grow your portfolio's value, or a combination of both, we offer investments that match these objectives. Across multiple market cycles, see how our more than 400+ investment offerings have performed.


We're reinventing an industry

Yieldstreet is reimagining the way wealth is created by providing access to alternative investments previously reserved only for institutions and the ultra-wealthy. Our mission is to help millions of people generate $3 billion of income outside the traditional public markets by 2025. We are committed to making financial products more inclusive by creating a modern investment portfolio.


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