Unexpectedly, the artist zHustlers has surprised Latvia and all Latvians with a unique music project about Latvian history, culture, values and architecture by releasing his long made a video project dedicated for the Independence Day of Latvia called "Dainas". His project is available on all leading and digital music streaming platforms including beautiful videos on youtube with incredible scenery of Latvia. Like, share and appreciate!

zHustlers started his music career 15 years ago however this is only his second album in Latvian language out of his 16 albums in total. His other album in Latvian language was released on June 2nd, 2018. Both of these albums has a unique cultural heritage value for Latvians and ancient culture.

zHustlers does not stand out with excessive videos, but his work is really solid and respectable. Everyone has to hear his music to see how good his music is. It will be clear to every true music connoisseur and listener that zHustlers has both talent and potential.

zHustlers creates interesting and original music to improve the mood and also lift the spirit. zHustler's biggest sources of inspiration are Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras and Koran. The musician this year got over 121,200 listeners from 96 countries and his music was played over 4,2 million times just in year 2021. Good music is not always discovered quickly, but it will be discovered sooner or later. And zHustlers creativity is a must-hear for everyone!

We offer you to listen and watch to the song "Kaladu" made together with artists daughter Ninti Ate, included in zHustlers new album "Dainas". We also invite you to follow the musician's social network profiles. In the link you will find a link that will take you to zHustlers Momenters profile. Go and follow it! ;)